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Professor Emeritus Peggy Willis-Aarnio, Ph.D

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  Artistic  Director/Choreographer



A       World       Leading       Authority       on      Classical       Ballet

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Peggy Willis-Aarnio, BFA, MFA, PhD



Professor Emeritus, Texas Tech University, Former Head of the Dance Program in the Department of Theatre and Dance

   A Recognized Authority on the Teaching Method of Classical Ballet 

Internationally Renowned Choreographer 

Author and Ballet Historian 

Professor of Classical Ballet, Choreography and Ballet History

First American to Choreograph new classical ballets for 3 top line companies in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

First Choreographer to have a full length original ballet shown by over 70% Carriage of PBS Stations Nationwide (1982 Production of "Dracula: the Ballet.")



Professor Emeritus Peggy Willis-Aarnio, Ph.D.








     For anyone, we offer educational products of classical ballet; for teachers, a methodical and scientific approach to the teaching of classical ballet with our teacher training programs; for students, ballet lessons for all ages; and, for the public, live performances showcasing the finest in Classical Ballet, including new classical choreography and a chronicle of original ballet works.  Based on the inspired principles of the teaching method of classical, and its vocabulary, these works validate the legitimacy and effectiveness of the pure and true schooling as being a main source of maintaining the purity of the art form and serve as a bridge from the past to the present and to the future.  This lineage is a direct, unadulterated source of knowledge, as evidenced in her educational products and seen in her live and video performances of both original creative works and the classics. 






     Our Artistic Director and Choreographer, Dr. Peggy Willis-Aarnio, is Professor Emeritus at Texas Tech University and Former Head of their Dance Program.  






     Presently, she is Director and Senior Pedagogue of the Willis Conservatory of Classical Ballet, and Artistic Director/Choreographer of The Willis Ballet.  She is an internationally recognized author, educator, teacher, dance historian, and choreographer and is also a leading authority on the teaching method of classical dance.  She offers teacher training courses, and is ready, willing and able to help teachers internationally who have the desire to learn the most modern, scientific, authoritative and most effective teaching method for classical ballet, one that has produced the greatest ballet artists of the twentieth century.   






     Prof. Willis-Aarnio's original choreography has been seen internationally in over 400 cities, in North America and Europe with world premieres of her work in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, most notably at the Hermitage and Pushkin Theatres, the first American to choreograph Classical Ballet in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the birthplace of Russian Classical Ballet. 






     Dedicated to Classical Ballet, she is contributing to the continued growth of the art in education by her "Classical Ballet Lesson" Video/DVD Series, sold worldwide, in Teaching, by her international Teaching Congresses, (sponsored by Infinity Ballet Conservatory of North Carolina, Debra Sayles Senchak, Director) www.infinityballet.com now her teacher's course offerings through Ballet University, Mary Fernandez's important ballet blog for parents, teachers and students, www. balletuni.com in Performance with her original new choreography and by her husband, Paul Aarnio and colleague, Gary Lindsey's (retired now) effort to manage, book and produce ballet tours of the highest quality of classical ballet all over North America, including Canada, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Virgin Islands, and Costa Rica.






Photo by Buddy Myers



Professor Emeritus Peggy Willis-Aarnio and husband, Maj. Retired USAF Paul Aarnio



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Dr. Peggy Willis-Aarnio is celebrating 40 Years of Implementing the Teaching Method of Classical Ballet.







Professor Emeritus Peggy Willis-Aarnio's Documentary is available now through www.balletuni.com







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Anyone interested in booking a tour, contact, Paul Aarnio, Tour Producer at 850-319-5122 or e-mail at willisballet@yahoo.com 


We also offer the full length NUTCRACKER, using 40-100 local children.








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Dr. Willis-Aarnio can be reached at willisballet@yahoo.com or telephone:  850-236-1555. 
























"Dedicated to the Preservation of the Complete Tradition of Classical Ballet, in Education, Teaching and Performance."